Ohours shutting down September 26, 2014

Dear Ohours Community,

I'm writing to let you know we will be shutting down Ohours.org on September 26th, 2014. Starting today, the site will no longer allow creation of Ohours occurring after September 26th. Existing Ohours scheduled for after September 26th will be canceled, and guests will be notified automatically. Existing Ohours Group and Supporter subscriptions will be free from today until the shutdown.

It has been deeply inspiring to see how willing people are to share their time, skills, and experience. We've seen connections form and turn in to business partnerships, funding rounds, mentorship relationships, and deep friendships. We've seen people get inspired to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams. We've welcomed people into the tech sector. We’ve seen countless professionals progress in their careers. We've seen that people of all different backgrounds, industries, and interests are exceedingly generous with their time.

Thank you all so much.

We hope Ohours has been a meaningful community for you over the past few years, and we have just one last request. Please take some time to remember the awesome people you've met through Ohours. Send them a shout out. Keep in touch.

Here are a few #OhoursSunset memories I'll be sharing later today:

Hey @antiheroine, thanks for mentoring so many new tech conference speakers via Ohours #OhoursSunset

Hey @motherforce, remember when we met at Dogpatch and brainstormed what mentorship will look like in 20 years? #OhoursSunset

Hey @TroyHenikoff, thanks for being the most active host! Over 400 startups accelerated. #OhoursSunset

Hey @innonate, remember when we met for coffee years ago to discuss a community based on face-to-face connections? Thanks #OhoursSunset